We offer a single room, a double room or a twin room, apartment, including breakfast (B & B). The bathroom is equipped with a bath, toilet and hair dryer. Buffet-style meals.

Training and Seminars

We offer the three conference saloons and the auditorium for workshops, lectures and seminars. There are public address system, screen, flipchart, projector and of course WIFI.

Spa and Fitness

For the cliens there are year-round outdoor heated pool with counter, sauna, whirpool for 5 people, steam cabin, massages and fitness room.


We also offer for clients the sport facilities – the multi-purpose outdoor equipment (tennis, badminton, and so one) table tennis, table hockey, electronic darts and billiard hall. For lovers of shooting there is indoor 20 m shooting range for sport shooting from short and long arms, including complete equipment.

Holistic Medicine

The holistic medicine searches for the file causes of diseases and try to eliminate them and set natural function of the organism. Everything is influenced by diet (eat healthy foods), exercise (regular physical activity), interpersonal relationships and external environment. In the file of the holistic medicine we offer compilation of the therapeutic and preventive diet, we organize curative stays, lectures and courses about the healthy way of life.