The Castle Center, which provides VIP services for a demanding clients is been situated at object a Baroque castle in town Třemošnice. The town Třemošnice lies at the base of the Iron Mountains, which are distant 18 km eastwards from Čáslav, 25 km southeast from Pardubice and 90 km on eastwards from Prague. The compound of the Baroque castle is at the very end of the town, near the roadway leading to Běstvina.

The Castle Center offers VIP turnkey services for a demanding clients, companies and organization groups: accomodation, seminars, workshops, lectures, the rent stylish interiors for conferences and meetings including catering, SPA, sport activities and others for comfort.

History of the castle

In 1555 the guardians of under-age brothers Albrecht and Václav Robmhaps from Suchá bought Lichnick estate, to which belonged Třemošnice. After reached full aged in 1557, Albrech Robmháp took over estate and the castle Lichnice was hardly access, so he built the new Renaissance fortress in Třemošnice. The first mention about fortress is trated around 1564, when brothers shared for the ancestral property and fortress with bigger part of lichnick estate fell on Albrecht. After 1610 when Lichnice burned, the current owner Zikmund Robmháp from Suchá moved to the Třemošnická fortress and he let the fortress to expand and rebuild.

In the mid 18th century the house of Robmháp sold the Třemošnické estate to the Jan Václav from house of Caretto-Millesimo, he was owner from the neighboring Ronov nad Doubravou. He the both of estates put together and the Třemošnice he chose as his seat and after 1750 he let rebuild the Třemošnice fortress into a Baroque castle. With the reconstruction completely disappeared the original fortress and the castle was completed about farm buildings. The construction of the new castle was never completed.

The artistic the most valuable part of building is the Chapel of St. Anna, which has hexagonal ground plan with the star vaulting. The altar dates from the second half of the 18th century. The unfinished original project of the Třemošnický castle with the most likely be connected with the fact, that childless Jan Josef (the son of Jan Václav Caretto-Millesima), who from 1758 owned Třemošnice, he decided establish from his estates the Foundation for the impoverished noblemen, and so the construction of the representative building is became unnecessary.

After 1823 the castle was adjusted for purposes the Forestry Administration of the Foundation estates. The castle chaple was rebuil in 1929. The property of Foundation stayed the castle to the 1948, when it became property of the state. In 2005 the castle was sold to the private ownership. The owner started with the reconstruction, but he did not complete it. In 2011 the castle bought company VISION GROUP 21 and realizes the extensive reconstruction of the castle and the contiguous buildings gradually up to the present.